Amber Nash

By Matthew Terrell

This May, FX will debut the tenth season of their hit adult animated show, “Archer.” The company behind “Archer,” Floyd County Productions, is based out of Atlanta and run by alums of Cartoon Network’s ever-popular Adult Swim late-night animation block. Much of the talent who contribute to “Archer” are local creative professionals, including voice actress Amber Nash who has been on the show for a decade now. Nash voices the character of Pam Poovey, a “sturdy bisexual” (as she describes it) director of human resources as the spy agency where “Archer” is set.

Nash got her start in voice at “Archer” after doing voice work at Adult Swim. A graduate of Georgia State University (with a bachelor’s in psychology), becoming a Hollywood actress was something she fell into. Her acting career started by doing improv with Dad’s Garage Theatre and Laughing Matters, both companies that showed her how much she loves performing.

Right before the premiere of the tenth season of “Archer” (which Amber Nash can’t reveal any details about), Atlanta INtown asked Nash about some of the fun, weird, and touching parts of being a voice actress.

In one sentence, explain “Archer” to someone who has never seen it, and why they will enjoy it.
It was part spy show, part office comedy, about an alcoholic lothario (Archer) with mommy issues, and now it’s all that but he’s in a coma and each season takes place in a different genre in his brain.

You hear a lot of inspiring stories people have about Pam Poovey. Can you share one with us and how it changed your perspective on your character?
At San Diego Comic Con one year, a woman in Pam Poovey cosplay waited in line to ask the panel a question. When she got to the microphone she thanked the creator for creating a character that she could cosplay instead of having to cosplay as a fat version of another character like fat Mystique or fat Cinderella. She was crying, we were all crying. It was a wonderful moment. I’m proud of what Pam has become, a body positive sex symbol!

Nash provides the voice for Pam Poovey on ‘Archer.”

What is the weirdest thing you’ve done in the sound booth while recording for “Archer?”
I’ve eaten so many things, especially during season five recordings when Pam was eating cocaine every episode. Cheese balls, granola bars, apples, I’ve chewed on tissues, pencils, you name it I’ve put it in my mouth in a recording session to get the right sound.

What keeps you in Atlanta?
I love it here. I grew up in Lilburn. It’s much cheaper than living in L.A. or New York and there is a great arts scene here, a great theatre scene and great indie film scene and now Y’allywood!

What part of Pam Poovey do you personally identify with, and how do you bring that to the character?
I love that she’s one of the boys in a lot of ways. Coming up in improv comedy, I was oftentimes the only woman in a room so I definitely identify with that and I’m a big fan of well crafted dirty quips in my own life and Pam gets plenty of those.

Describe what it’s like going to a con, and what you do.
It’s amazing meeting all the fans. I get to see lots of great “Archer” cosplay and lots of Pams. I’ve seen lots of Pam tatoos, I’ve signed lots of body parts, it’s a crazy time but it’s wonderful

What is one thing about Atlanta you hope never changes?
The Clermont Lounge

What does your family think about your career?
I think they are proud but my sweet, conservative, Southern parents are definitely not “Archer” fans.

Do you ever dress as Pam?
No way, I think it’s too much. Like, hey guys check it out, do you know what I do for a living? Do you know who I am?

What’s next for Amber Nash?
We are gearing up to make an independent feature film later this year. Not “Archer” related.

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