Holy Spirit Catholic Church and Preparatory School’s controversial expansion plan will get a second review by the community at a June 6 meeting.

The meeting, required by the city of Sandy Springs after requesting a conditional use permit, is scheduled for 6 p.m. at City Hall, 1 Galambos Way. It will be held in the Studio Theatre.

Holy Spirit proposes to expand its current church and Upper School campus at Northside and Mount Paran Road onto an adjacent site in Sandy Springs. The plan includes relocating the Lower School from elsewhere in Sandy Springs and constructing a parking garage, a parish building and other structures.

Side-by-side comparisons of Holy Spirit Church and Preparatory School’s expansion proposals, with last year’s original version at left and the current version at right.

Holy Spirit, located at 4465 Northside Drive, in April presented a smaller version of the expansion plan after the earlier plan unveiled last fall drew criticism from neighbors over traffic and tree impacts.

While the smaller plan was aimed at appeasing neighbors, some residents at the April meeting continued to say they might go to court over a 15-year-old legal agreement that could block part of the project, while Holy Spirit revealed that it photographed 170 pro-agreement yard signs with an eye to possibly suing opponents for “defamation.”

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