Power transmission lines along I-285 could affect the right of way for the Georgia Department of Transportation’s planned toll lanes, but details are yet to be worked out, the agency says.

Dunwoody resident Bob Wolford stands in a narrow Georgia Department of Transportation right of way in the Georgetown neighborhood, with the power transmission poles visible in the background, in January 2019. (File)

Several Georgia Power utility poles are lined up in the right of way along I-285 that borders Dunwoody’s Georgetown community. Very narrow right-of-way exists between the towering poles and several properties, including townhomes and the historic Georgetown Recreation Club.

GDOT project manager Tim Matthews said GDOT is in early discussions with all utility companies located in the right of way of where the toll lanes may go. But he said there are no detailed plans on what right of way is needed “because we are not there yet.” But moving large utility poles like the ones near Georgetown is something GDOT prefers not to do, he said.

“Ideally, we try to avoid [relocating them], especially the large transmission towers, because they cost several million dollars a piece to relocate,” he said.

Nothing is final, however, he stressed. And none of the plans including any relocation of utilities would be finalized until GDOT hires a private contractor to come up with the complete design, he said.