Brookhaven Mayor John Ernst will be speaking about the city’s sustainability programs and its ordinance regulating small-cell technology at the U.S. Conference of Mayors being June 28-July 1 in Honolulu, Hawaii.

During the conference’s Energy Committee panel, Ernst will discuss the city’s “Sustainable Brookhaven” initiative that includes installing charging stations for electric cars at city parks and City Hall. The city also recently purchased 2015 Tesla electric car that is undergoing road testing for possible use as a patrol car as the city looks to an all-electric police fleet.

On a second panel addressing efforts to take away cities’ local control of their right of way, Ernst will discuss the city’s ordinance restricting the size of small-cell “nodes” attached to utility poles. On the panel, he’ll join the mayors of San Jose, Calif.; Plano, Texas; Santa Ana, Calif.; and Eugene, Ore.

Ernst attended last year’s U.S. Mayors Conference in Boston, where he marched in the city’s LGBT Pride Parade. His thoughts on the Boston conference can be read by clicking here.

Approximately 250 mayors from across the U.S. including many from Georgia attend the annual event each year.

The DeKalb Municipal Authority is covering $2,000 of Ernst’s travel expenses because he will be representing all DeKalb County municipalities on the topic of small-cell technology.

“My overarching goal at this conference is to see and hear what innovative approaches other cities are doing to improve the quality of life of their residents efficiently and bring those lessons back to Brookhaven,” Ernst said in a press release. “I’m most interested in sessions covering infrastructure, affordable housing, cybersecurity and community-based zoning.”

The Conference of Mayors was founded in 1932 and includes every chief elected official of cities with a population of 30,000 or larger.