The Georgia Department of Transportation has released answers to several questions asked at the Ga. 400 toll lanes public meetings.

The document, which was referenced by GDOT Commissioner Russell McMurray in a commentary piece published by the Reporter, provides answers to questions about sound barriers, property-taking concerns and why the project is being done instead of transit, among many other topics.

The meetings were held in March and provided information about the route for the toll lanes and how many properties would be impacted. This section of toll lanes run along Ga. 400 north of the North Springs MARTA Station. Ga. 400 south of the station is part of the I-285 project, which is on a later timeline.

GDOT’s answers also discuss some specific parts of the project, including whether four homes will be demolished for a rebuilt Pitts Road bridge. The Sandy Springs City Council passed recommendations in June that asked GDOT to go with an option that would save the houses, but require the road to be closed. GDOT said in its answer it is determining whether there is a viable detour that would allow the road to be closed.

Other topics covered potential school impacts, how tolling works and environmental concerns.

To view the full GDOT document, click here. For answers to other frequently asked questions, click here.