Major developments in Brookhaven could soon be required to include electric vehicle charging stations as part of the city’s ongoing sustainability initiative.

The city is also considering requiring new homes built in single-family and two and three-family residential areas include the wiring and outlets for future charging stations.

The Planning Commission voted July 10 to recommend several amendments to the zoning code that include requirements for electric vehicle equipment in parking lots and parking garages, as well as in residential, commercial, mixed-use and master planned developments.

A parking space with a public electric vehicle charging station would count as two spaces to meet minimum off-street parking requirements for projects that need more than 10 spaces.

Public charging stations would have to be installed in at least 2% percent of the required minimum off-street parking spaces in all new developments located in multifamily residential, commercial, employment, mixed-use, master planned development and Peachtree Road districts, according to the proposed zoning code amendment.

The proposed zoning code changes would also require all new homes built in RS, R3 and RSA residential areas include the installation of equipment for charging stations. Equipment includes connectors, attachment plugs, power outlets and other wiring necessary that allows the installation of a future charging station.

This story has been updated to correct that only new construction would be required to meet the electric charging stations mandate in the ordinance.