Robert Miller, a real estate broker and member of the Dunwoody Development Authority, has announced he is running for City Council. He joins Stacey Harris in the race for the soon-to-be vacant District 1 At Large seat.

Robert Miller.

The council seat is currently held by Terry Nall, who will leave the office as part of his campaign for mayor. Harris, a community activist and Zoning Board of Appeals member, announced her candidacy in March.

District 1 includes the western portion of the city. An At Large seat is held by someone who lives in a district but is elected citywide.

Miller said the city has succeeded in its first 10 years of focusing on “police, parks and paving,” but now the city is at a “crossroads” where it needs to focus on long-term strategic planning.

“We’ve had great leadership [and] we are about to turn a corner and start casting a vision for where we want to go,” he said.

One such area he said he would like to look at for long-term planning is the city’s housing inventory and how does the city want that to look like in the next 30 years, he said.

“[A]nd what policies do we need to preserve the integrity of the neighborhoods and the community we have now but also lets us become the community that is relevant to new people coming to Atlanta,” he said.

“Dunwoody was founded on this real neighborhood concept and small-town feel; that’s why everybody comes here,” he said. “We can’t turn into a dense urban center without losing our heritage … so how do we balance the two?”

Miller said a major contributing factor to his decision to run for office is the number of trailers at local schools and ensuring they are safe. DeKalb County Schools has been using trailers to handle overcrowding at schools for many years. School officials have said they are safe for students and teachers to use.

“I have felt since 2009 there are areas where the city can put pressure on schools to provide us with safe facilities,” Miller said.

Miller served on the steering committee for the city’s first Comprehensive Master Plan and was appointed to serve on the DeKalb SPLOST Citizen Advisory Committee for 2015-16.

Qualifying for the city elections is Aug. 19-21. The election is Nov. 5.