A conceptual design of widening Hammond Drive, which has been a topic of discussion for years in the city of Sandy Springs, is being finalized and will be presented in a public meeting within three months.

Most of Hammond Drive has been widened over the years, but the section between Roswell Road and Glenridge Drive in the Glenridge Hammond neighborhood remains two lanes. Government officials frequently call it a traffic bottleneck and the city is studying a widening project as a possible solution. The decision on whether to perform the widening has not been made, officials say, and would follow public reaction to the presentation.

The city of Sandy Springs authorized a contract with Gresham Smith and Partners to wrap up a design presentation for a public meeting Hammond Drive Corridor Design Project for $47,500.

According to the contract, which was approved at the Aug. 6 City Council meeting, the outcome from will be a digital presentation with graphics and a model to showcase the potential development.

District 5 City Councilmember Tibby DeJulio expressed his concern with making sure that it is just a conceptual design, not a binding engineering contract to build anything.

“We have continually assured the people who live in this area that this was not a done deal,” DeJulio said. “That this was a concept and that before anything was done or not done, all plans and decisions will be coming back [to us] so that they could have input on this.”

Public Works Director Marty Martin assured DeJulio and the council that this is in fact just proceeding with consulting.

“This change order in front of you is all about presenting the concept,” Martin said.

Martin said the conceptual design should be ready within three months.

The council also approved purchasing 660 Hammond Drive for $450,000 at the Aug. 6 meeting. It is the twentieth house the city has purchased in anticipation of the possible widening project.

Hannah Greco

Hannah Greco is writer and media communications specialist based in Atlanta.