The city of Sandy Springs has postponed the publication of its “Week in Review” report until further notice, according to the city’s Communication Director Sharon Kraun.

The last “Week in Review” to appear online was posted on July 19.

The “Week in Review” is a weekly update provided by the city manager to the City Council about activity in all city departments. It is also posted on the city’s website. The report includes police incidents, transportation updates, planning and zoning updates, special events hosted by the city, recreation projects and more.

Kraun said that the page will be updated and that the current break is the result of a transitional phase with city managers.

Peggy Merriss replaced John McDonough, Sandy Springs’ founding city manager, as interim city manager starting Aug. 3.

“I’m sure Peggy will want to continue it for mayor & council,” Kraun said. However, there was no solid answer as to when the ‘Week in Review’ will officially return.

With the exception of the month of March 2019, the city has kept up with the online report regularly.

Past ‘Week in Review’ bulletins can be found on the Sandy Springs website at