The city of Sandy Springs will remove a historic oak tree in Lost Corner Preserve due to experts’ safety concerns.

“It is a beautiful tree and we wish there was another option,” said city spokesperson Sharon Kraun.

The historic white oak stands to the left of the cottage at Lost Corner Preserve in this 2016 photo. (File)

The city has been monitoring the health of the white oak for several years, according to Kraun, and received reports conducted by certified arborists last week.

“[The reports] confirmed that the tree is in poor condition, including advance decay, impacting the structural integrity of the tree,” Kraun said. 

The arborists estimate the oak is 125 to 200 years old.

The tree currently shades a cottage in Lost Corner Preserve at 7300 Brandon Mill Road, a historic, 24-acre Sandy Springs property that was converted to a public park in 2016.

Experts are saying that the tree is leaning, posing a danger to the cottage, which is frequently used for city and community events, Kraun says.

“Due to the tree’s condition and our safety concerns, the city made the decision to remove the tree,” Kraun said.

The city is in the process of determining how to best remove the tree, but there is not yet an estimated cost or timeline.  

Another historic white oak nearby was also assessed, which Kraun says is in fair condition but will need to be monitored annually.

“[That tree] does have two identified cavity openings and presence of bacterial wetwood,” Kraun told the Reporter. 

Trisha Thompson, co-founder and president of Friends of Lost Corner, a nonprofit dedicated to supporting the park, says Friends of Lost Corner is considering ways to memorialize the tree by using the wood for park benches or other creative means.  

“It is a sad chapter in this white oak’s very long life,” Kraun said. “The tree has been an iconic fixture at Lost Corner and a part of the community for a long time.”