It’s big. It’s expensive. It already has created controversy and angered drivers and it’s not even going to be finished until next year.

But one thing the rebuilt interchange at I-285 and Ga. 400 doesn’t have is a name.

It needs one, if only to keep up with Spaghetti Junction, the Cobb Cloverleaf, the Downtown Connector and other metro Atlanta highway landmarks.

We came up with a few suggestions of our own and asked our readers on social media to suggest more nicknames for the collection of concrete taking form on the Perimeter. And they came through. In a big, big way.

A strong contender: “The Top Knot.”

That kind of says it all. Plus, there’s the source: the Twitter account of North Perimeter Contractors, the folks who are building the thing at the behest of the Georgia Department of Transportation. Who knew construction contractors had a sense of humor?

The “Perimeter Pretzel” was by far the readers’ favorite among our own suggestions. Less beloved were “GDOT Knot,” “Traffic Twister” and “Rush-Hour Ramen.”

Here are some of our readers’ suggestions. We couldn’t print them all, of course. Frankly, some were a tad racy. Others, while apt, seemed less sobriquets than the stuff of protest signs, such as “Welcome to Standing Springs.”

Flying and Twisting
The 400 Flyover, aka The Fly
The Springs Flyover
The 400 or Top End Twister
The Serpentine

Amusements and Toys
Loop De Loop
The Carousel
The Slinky

Perimeter Peaks
The Peak
Empire Exchange
The Gateway

Drive-Through Dining
Meatball Junction
New Spaghetti Junction
Linguine Links or Linguine Lanes
The Golden Pretzel
Peachtree Pasta
Spaghetti Strainer
The Blender

Knots and Bows
The Bowtie
Knot Junction
The Shoelace
Top End Tangle
North Knot
The Gordian Knot

Road Rages
Incompetence Intersection
Diverging Disaster
Top End Travesty
Highway to Hell
Apocalypse Now
Bypass Boondoggle
Malfunction Junction
Dysfunction Junction
The Can of Worms
Jungle Junction
Area 51
The Towering Tie-Up
The Insane Interchange

—Illustrations by Jane Nah