Regarding the story “Sandy Springs explores options for ‘street connectivity’ following residents’ concern” and the quote from Assistant City Manager Jim Tolbert that “In cul-de-sacs, everyone has to go around to get to where they are going…there are no direct trips”:

Can we please have government focus on using money to fund new parks, sidewalks, roads and schools, and not on reducing travel time and distance for people who don’t live on cul-de-sacs?

Can you imagine the cost of buying out a house at the end of the road, tearing it down, disposing of the debris, preparing the grade and paving the road, and putting in curbs and sidewalks? Perhaps $1 million each by the time you add in surveying, legal and administrative costs.

To save a few people a day a few minutes on the road? Really?

What’s next — putting access lanes to I-285, Ga. 400, I-85 and I-75, at each overpass junction?

Glenn Woodruff
Sandy Springs

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