The finance director from Brookhaven is moving over to take the same job in Dunwoody.

Linda Nabers.

Linda Nabers, who was the city of Brookhaven’s finance director for the past two years, will begin as the city of Dunwoody’s finance director on Oct. 7.

“Linda will bring a wealth of experience to our city,” said Dunwoody City Manager Eric Linton in a press release. “We’re excited for her to get started.

Nabers replaces Chris Pike, who resigned in June.

“I’ve always appreciated the hometown feel of Dunwoody,” Nabers said in the release. “I look forward to making a contribution to this top-notch city.”

Brookhaven is now looking for a new finance director and congratulated Dunwoody on hiring Nabers.

“It is no surprise to us that Dunwoody’s national search for top-quality talent led them to Brookhaven City Hall,” Brookhaven spokesperson Burke Brennan said. “We congratulate the city of Dunwoody for their shrewd acquisition.”