The September I-285/Ga. 400 interchange nickname commentary in the Reporter was entertaining. It is sad that neither Keith Kalland, who is reputed to have named “Spaghetti Junction,” nor fellow traffic reporter “Captain” Herb Emory are around for this one.

A friend and I just spent time in Mineral Bluff and returned down 575 and 75 and through 285 to 400 (whew!), and we concluded that the “Northend Corkscrew” with its double entendre worked for us.

It could be the “Sandy Springs Corkscrew,” appropriately truncated to “the Springs Screw,” would be easier — and pathetically truer.

Maybe when the interchange is finished and sound and light walls built (a week after the end of the universe, if you’re a “Hitchhiker’s Guide” fan), the highway department top officials (GDOT? A bad name for the Department of Tree Cutting and Paving) could cut the ribbons and hold hands as the traffic zooms over them.

Velvel Travis
Sandy Springs

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