An informational update on the Clairmont Road special area plan is set for Sept. 25 at Brookhaven City Hall. The plan includes such streetscape recommendations as sidewalks and multiuse trails, as well as possible rezoning of some of the area for redevelopment.

The meeting will run 6 to 8 p.m. at City Hall, 4362 Peachtree Road. Councilmember John Park is hosting the meeting.

The Clairmont Road special area plan is a joint study between Brookhaven and the city of Chamblee and includes the area between Buford Highway and DeKalb-Peachtree Airport.

“Since 2016, there have been multiple planning studies for the city that have recommended a vision study of the Clairmont Road corridor,” Park said in a press release. “The purpose of the joint study between the two cities is to create a unified and cohesive vision for Clairmont Road that meets the needs of both Brookhaven and Chamblee.”

Planning firm TSW is working with the city of Chamblee on its comprehensive plan that includes looking at redevelopment opportunities along Clairmont Road. TSW is also working with Brookhaven on coming up with recommendations for what it would like to see on Clairmont Road.

In an August presentation, TSW reported that several properties in the study area are “ripe for redevelopment,” but that current zoning may not support the kind of redevelopment the cities and residents want.

Also, because some of the parcels are small and not conducive to commercial development, there may be opportunities to construct the “missing middle” type of housing, including small lot single family or multi-family courtyard that includes residential units around a small, shared green space.

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