Regarding your story about the Sept. 22 Dunwoody Homeowners Association/Dunwoody Reporter candidate forum:

I heard Mr. Robert Miller (candidate in City Council District 1) state that he was going to enact city of Dunwoody codes to specifically target the school system.

Yet, this is apparently a fool’s errand and will result in arguments and litigation between the city and the schools. I can’t imagine any Dunwoody taxpayer who wants to waste our tax dollars on this misguided venture.

It’s very clear, as other candidates said, that Miller’s big plan is doomed to failure. As reported by the Reporter, the mayoral candidates stated:

“When asked if they believed the city has jurisdiction over enforcing building codes on public school system properties, [Lynn] Deutsch and [Terry] Nall both answered no, the city does not.

“Nall said the city has received three legal opinions that are ‘loud and clear’ that the city has no jurisdiction, including one that says the city has ‘none at all,’ while another says the city can only enforce fire and erosion control codes.”

Because of Miller’s misguided idea, there’s no way I could possibly vote for him.

Clearly, Stacey Harris is the best person to vote for in this District 1 contest. Her idea of collaboration and working effectively will serve us well in the city. She will avoid Miller’s wasting of taxpayer dollars on his foolish attempt to do what three official legal opinions say the city can’t do.

Frankly, to take such actions as Miller says he would do, in spite of three contrary legal opinions, could easily be seen as a “bad-faith” effort, possibly leading to sanctions against the city of Dunwoody.

Rob Augustine

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