The Brookhaven City Council approved at its Sept. 24 meeting using eminent domain to acquire property to build a sidewalk on Briarwood Road.

The council voted unanimously to let City Attorney Chris Balch move forward with the taking of property at 1599 Briarwood Road to build a sidewalk that will connect to Buford Highway.

The city offered the homeowner its appraised value of $27,300 for the land needed for the sidewalk. Balch said the homeowner countered with a much higher amount. That left the city no choice but to use eminent domain, he said.

Balch said the city has acquired the other property needed for the sidewalk.

The sidewalk is being constructed on the west side of Briarwood Road. An existing sidewalk on that side of the road ends at 1526 Briarwood Road. The new sidewalk project is to add 1,200 linear feet of sidewalk to connect it to Buford Highway.