“Dokk,” a dance performance augmented by technology, will open the new Arts@Tech season at Ferst Center for the Arts on Friday, Oct. 4, at 8 p.m. Tickets and information are available at this link.
“Dokk” (Icelandic for dark) combines the live dance performance of Elena Annovi and the work of fuse*, an Italian studio and production company that explores the creative use of digital technology. Annovi’s heartbeat and the trends of Twitter are among the variables that will be tapped into, creating a one-of-a-king performance and experience Atlanta INtown interviewed Luca Carmellini, co-founder and co-director of fuse*.
 What brought you and Elena Annovi together and how do you collaborate?
fuse* is a studio that operates in the field of digital arts and design, founded in 2007 with the aim of exploring the expressive potential offered by the creative use of code and digital technologies. Elena Annovi is an aerial dancer and performer. Five years ago, we decided to experiment and mix together technologies and body to increase the expressive and emotional potential we’d like to transmit to the audience. From these experiments “Ljós” was born – an interactive media performance where video projection interacts with the dancer’s movements. After “Ljós,” fuse* started the production of “Dokk,” which set itself the goal of increasing the complexity of the elements on stage to give the public a greater immersion to be even more involved in the performance..
“Dokk” is never the same twice, why is that? How does the dancer’s body effect the work? What about social media?
This interactivity is obtained through the use of sensors: motion tracking suite, heartbeat bend, camera, tweets from the world. So the entire digital scenography is created every time the performance goes on stage, with slightly differences due to the modifications of the dancer’s choreography, her heartbeat frequency and the trend topics in that moment we retrieve from Twitter. This last interaction with social media permits us to calculate a kind of global emotion that influences the intensity of the coloring of the entire set. More happiness means a brighter color, while more sadness or anger means a darker color.
What themes do you explore in “Dokk?”
In “Dökk” we explore the theme of a whole life, from the birth to death as a cycle focusing on what happen inside the mind of the main character. The topic is represented by the interdependence of everything and the evolution of reality perception which changes during the life: as soon as a life is born the vision of reality is pure but growing up the mind shapes and distorts it.