The following crime information is provided via the Sandy Springs “Week in Review” report for the week ending Oct. 4.

North District Crime:

The unit reported one burglary in an apartment unit.

The unit reported seven entering auto incidents.

South District Crime:

The unit reported five entering auto incidents.

One robbery was reported. The suspects were arrested.

Street Crimes Unit:

The unit reported three felony arrests and five city arrests. The unit conducted 26 traffic stops, issued 24 traffic citations, and located five wanted persons. The unit made one field contact, investigated eight suspicious persons and conducted three vehicle searches.

The unit assisted with a knock-and-talk at an apartment in the 7000 block of Roswell Road, with one person cited for drugs. A second suspect fled from the scene.

A vehicle used in a robbery was located in Acworth, with one suspect arrested. Two other suspects were located and arrested in Brookhaven the following day.

Traffic Unit:

The unit reported three misdemeanor arrests, conducted 152 traffic stops and issued 189 citations. The unit spent 19.75 hours working traffic complaints.



K-9 Unit: 

The unit reported two felony arrests and two misdemeanor arrests. The unit conducted 21 traffic stops, issued 25 traffic citations, and investigated two suspicious persons. The unit conducted one K-9 track and one K-9 search.

A K-9 track for a burglary suspect resulted in the location and arrest of one suspect.

A traffic stop resulted in a disorderly conduct (drugs) arrest.