Dunwoody Mayor Denis Shortal said he is undecided about endorsing a candidate in the race to succeed him, but he is backing one City Council candidate. City Councilmember John Heneghan, meanwhile, is endorsing in three of the races on the Nov. 5 ballot.

Lynn Deutsch and Terry Nall, who have both served eight years on the City Council, are vying to be mayor. Stacey Harris and Robert Miller are seeking to replace Nall to represent District 1. Joe Seconder and Heyward Wescott are candidates to replace Deutsch in District 2.

Shortal said is unsure whether he will endorse in the mayoral race.

“Probably not,” he said. “But I haven’t decided that, either.”

Shortal is backing Wescott for District 2 because he is fiscally conservative.

“His fiscal philosophy is closer to mine,” Shortal said. “Fiscal matters are very important to me and Heyward’s are more in line with mine.”

“I haven’t publicly endorsed anyone else,” Shortal said. Although he said he believed he knew who he would be voting for in the other races, he is “still weighing some issues.”

“My hope is we have a lot of people voting,” Shortal said. “I think our city will be in good hands.”

Heneghan has served on the council since the city’s incorporation and is running unopposed in this election. He will be working with the new mayor and two new council members and said in an Oct. 18 post on his personal blog he felt it important to endorse in all races.

“With this election the dynamics of the council will shift, elections have consequences and leadership matters. Vote wisely,” Heneghan said.

In making his endorsements, Heneghan said that 11 years on the City Council provided him “the unique experience of witnessing a behind the scenes view on those currently running for mayor as well as opportunities to work closely with the various leaders in the community willing to run for the vacant city council positions.”

Heneghan said he has only publicly endorsed one other time, when he publicly supported Deutsch in her City Council run eight years ago.

“I am again breaking from my shell to inform you that I believe Lynn Deutsch’s vision of progressive change mirrors that of myself and that I along with Kristin [his wife] will be voting for Lynn to be the next mayor of Dunwoody,” Heneghan said.

Heneghan said his decision to back Harris over Miller is in part because she “has a common-sense approach to development in our city.”

“The main leadership qualities I see in Stacey after numerous meetings with her are her ability to collaborate with others, followed closely by her integrity, commitment and passion,” Heneghan said.

Heneghan said his support for Wescott is in large part because of his community engagement.

He has always wanted every organization in our community to thrive,” Heneghan said. “Heyward is a leader in the business community, and he cares about Dunwoody in many ways that I do. He is very approachable and helps starts community dialog on important issues that affect our community.”

Early voting continues weekdays through Nov. 1 at the Dunwoody Library, 5339 Chamblee-Dunwoody Road. On Election Day, Nov. 5, all city residents are eligible to vote in all races at their designated precincts. 

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