The Community Assistance Center, a Sandy Springs-based nonprofit that helps people at risk of homelessness, will open its first Dunwoody location in November.

The office will be located at 5 Dunwoody Park and will serve as a branch office. The location will open in mid-November and will operate on Tuesdays and Thursdays from 9 a.m. to 1:30 p.m.

CAC has three locations in Sandy Springs: a main office located at 1130 Hightower Trail; a branch office at 120 Northwood Drive; and a thrift store and food pantry at 8607 Roswell Road.

Due to a new self-storage facility being built on the property of the current Sandy Springs branch office next year, it will be temporarily displaced, but part of the designs include a new and improved space for CAC.

The new office, however, is being opened to serve residents who live in Dunwoody and is not intended to replace the Northwood space, Communications Director Kristen Ristino said.

The office will have a small food pantry and will help evaluate the financial needs of individual families applying for assistance for basic needs, Ristino said.

The office will be accessible for families in Dunwoody and the area served by Hightower Elementary School in Doraville, who Executive Director Tamara Carrera says CAC has been trying to reach for a while.

“We wanted to bring a new level of assistance to these families,” Carrera said.