Accumulating stuff around the house seems to be the easy part. But where to put it all – and make it easy to reach?

The Reporter asked Judy Long, founder of Tillman Long Interiors in Buckhead, for some tips on clever, elegant home storage ideas. The following are five solutions she found for her clients. For more about Tillman Long, see

Judy Long of Tillman Long Interiors. (Special)

Electrifying idea

An electrifying idea for narrow cabinets: “We add outlets to the vertical pull-out drawers in vanities for storing and using hair dryers and other small appliances.”

Make the awkward useful

Awkward spaces can become useful with a different door. “We have also used doors that slide up for easier access to the contents — normally this client puts her hair dryer, hair spray and other items in the area out of sight.”

Secret storage

This tower didn’t just break up a long vanity, Long says. “…The mirror section at the top has a touch latch to open — great hiding place! We also added medicine-style storage on each side as well.”

A fancier look

When you already have closet space, you can make it look better, too. “Instead of a boring 6-foot-wide wide closet with sliding doors, we made this one look like an English wardrobe closet.”

Simply good

A standard pantry with large shelves can get a boost with handy pull-out drawers. “[The clients] wanted a lot of open storage, but we added the pull-out drawers for snacks. They wanted their four children to be able to run in a grab snacks to pack to take with them.”

John Ruch

John Ruch is an Atlanta-based journalist. Previously, he was Managing Editor of Reporter Newspapers.