Dr. Tiing conducts the Georgia Tech Symphony Orchestra.

“Changing Score: Classic Films Re-imagined” will bring together four classic silent films shown with accompaniment by the Georgia Tech Symphony Orchestra this Friday, Nov. 15, at the Ferst Center for the Arts. Tickets are available at this link.
Under the direction of Dr. Chaowin Ting, the orchestra will accompany Charlie Chaplin’s “The Vagabond,” Buster Keaton’s “The Haunted House,” Harold Lloyd’s “Safety Last” and Jean Renoir’s 1928 classic “The Little Match Girl.” The new scores were created contemporary French composer Gaell Lozac’h.
Atlanta INtown spoke with Ting about the program and other upcoming music events.
How did this program of cinema and music come together?
We were looking for a project that encourages cross-disciplinary collaboration while showcasing arts activities on the Georgia Tech campus. I’ve known the composer Gaell Lozac’h for a while and have wanted to include some of his shorter silent film scores in our regular orchestra concerts, and Aaron [Shackelford, the new director of Georgia Tech Arts] found it to be an exciting event to connect many organizations within and beyond Georgia Tech. Internally, we are collaborating with the GT School of Literature, Media and Communication, and Cinema@Tech. Outside of the campus, Atlanta Film Festival and the Atlanta Jewish Film Festival have been great partners. It’s truly a wonderful journey to combine technology and arts, and to present the special night with the many forces.
What’s ahead for the Georgia Tech Symphony Orchestra in the new year?
On Feb. 19, the GT Symphony Orchestra will present a water-themed concert featuring the premiere of composer Stella Sung’s work “Oceana.” The work was composed in collaboration with underwater filmmaker Annie Crawley to raise awareness of the issue of ocean noise pollution. In addition to the music, Sung also developed a VR experience to go with this work, and the audience will be invited to download a smartphone app with five marine animal sounds to be played at a specific moment in the piece.
What are some of your musical projects in the broader Atlanta community?
Nanoworks Opera specializes in work-shopping and producing short chamber operas by emerging composers in North America. We mentor young composers in further revising and shaping their works, and give the premiere during the annual festival. The next festival will be during May 4-8, 2020 at Kellett Chapel.