DeKalb-Peachtree Airport has launched a web-based noise complaint system that allows users to identify disruptive aircraft on live flight-tracking radar.

The “Symphony PublicVue” system, available on the DeKalb County website, was presented at a Nov. 18 meeting of the PDK Airport Advisory Board by Korey Barnes, the facility’s new environmental and noise analyst.

A screenshot of the new Symphony PublicVue flight tracking and noise complaint system, showing aircraft flying around DeKalb-Peachtree Airport.

The system shows aircraft flying around PDK in a live radar feed that is on a 10-minute “security delay.” Some information about each flight, such as its number and destination, may be available.

The system also allows users to file noise complaints via a form, if they register and create an account. The account keeps a log of all of their complaints.

Users can file a complaint without using the flight-tracker and can view the flight-tracker without filing a complaint.

Symphony PublicVue is created by Florida-based L3Harris. According to media reports, it is used at some other airports around the country, including the major commercial airports in Boston and Seattle-Tacoma.

Some residents at the Advisory Board meeting questioned the usefulness of the system, saying local residents had created a complaint-filing app that is easier to use and that the 10-minute delay would make it hard to single out an aircraft in busy times. Barnes said that identifying the aircraft is not really necessary because he can do it later by checking complaint times against the flight data.

“This is a test,” said airport Director Mario Evans. “If we find that the community … does not want the tool, we will unplug it.”

Noise is a perennial issue in neighborhoods around PDK, which is located on Clairmont Road in Chamblee on the Brookhaven border. In October, Barnes reported, PDK received 199 noise complaints, 80 of them during overnight hours when there is a voluntary curfew on flights. The majority of complaints came from Brookhaven and Chamblee, while others came from Dunwoody, Doraville, Decatur, Peachtree Corners and Sandy Springs.

Barnes said 96% of the complaints were correlated with actual PDK flights. Some of the curfew flights were medical emergency aircraft. Other curfew-time pilots got warning letters.

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Correction: A previous version of this story incorrectly reported the security delay on the live feed as 10 seconds rather than 10 minutes.