Residents attending a Nov. 18 meeting praised a redevelopment that would bring for-sale condominiums to Cliftwood Drive in downtown Sandy Springs.

The developer proposes to build 30 for-sale condos in a complex called Cliftwood Flats at 135 and 145 Cliftwood Drive.  The 135 Cliftwood building currently holds Advanced Photo and Imaging, a headshot studio, and 145 Cliftwood is Atlanta Veterinary Dentistry, an animal dentist. The redevelopment could also cut down several mature trees.

The developer behind the Cliftwood Flats proposal, Gary Unell, presents the project to a group of residents at a Nov. 18 meeting. (Hannah Greco)

At a community meeting held at the nearby Cliftwood apartments, a group of about 10 people that included homeowners and landlords all agreed that the complex is something new and exciting that would add value to the city.

“There is such a variety of housing in Sandy Springs, but there is not anything quite like this,” one resident said.

“I think it would be a great asset to the neighborhood,” another resident said.

An artist rendering of the six-story residential condo complex on Cliftwood Drive that has been proposed by a developer (City of Sandy Springs).

Gary Unell, one of the developers behind the project, said there is a demand for housing options for those who want to own rather than rent in downtown Sandy Springs.

“We do feel like there is a large demand for the type of product that we propose to build in Sandy Springs,” Unell said at the meeting.

“It is not a product that is out there right now,” said Ronda Smith, president of the Sandy Springs Council of Neighborhoods. “With respect to the impact on the neighborhoods, it is up to the neighborhoods to decide if they see an impact and think, ‘We have a concern.’”

Ed Goldberg, another developer on the project, addressed the concern with lost tree canopy.

“There are trees I am sure will come down because that is the nature of construction,” Goldberg said. “But not only are we required to replace them but we plan to.”

The 0.84-acre property is currently in the CS-3 district of the zoning map, or the City Springs district, which allows buildings to be up to three stories.

The developer, NexCity Development LLC, is requesting a rezoning for the property to be considered CS-6, which would have the property still fall in the City Springs district but would allow the complex to be six stories.

A second community meeting will be held at City Hall, 1 Galambos Way, on Jan. 6 at 6 p.m., according to the city’s website. The rezoning application will then go to the Planning Commission and the City Council at a later, undetermined date.

If the application is approved, the construction is slated to begin in fall of 2020 and be completed by the end of 2021 or the beginning of 2022.