The Sandy Springs City Council approved two parcel purchases for $134,100 in order to continue with the Spalding Drive sidewalk project.

One property includes the acquisition of 1,531.57 square feet of right of way and 3,415.25 square feet of a temporary construction easement for three years during construction at the front of a house located at 6018 Spalding Drive, for $133,000.

The property owners, Kevin and Christine Ulm, rejected the city’s original offer of $69,600 and have agreed to $63,400.

The biggest difference between the city’s appraisal and the property owners’ appraisal was the cost to re-establish the owners’ landscaping because the project will take out 14 mature trees at the front of their property.

The second purchase approved at a Nov. 19 meeting was to spend $1,100 on a temporary construction easement of 475.91 square feet at the front of a house located at 6000 Spalding Drive. The construction easement would last three years.

In October, the council approved acquisition of five parcels via eminent domain for the project for $239,100.

The Spalding Drive Sidewalk project will run from Winters Chapel Road to Holcomb Bridge Road and will widen the road from two lanes to four. It will also include replacing the existing bridge over Crooked Creek, a multi-use sidepath and improvements to the traffic signal at River Exchange Road.

Design efforts also are underway in Gwinnett County. The city of Sandy Springs is contributing to the project via a cost-share agreement as part of its TSPLOST Sidewalk Program.