Grady Hospital

Grady Hospital will bring in a 30-bed mobile hospital unit after more than 200 rooms were damaged by a burst pipe last weekend.
The mobile hospital will arrive from North Carolina later in the week and should help alleviate overcrowding at other hospitals caused by patient transfers and emergency room diversion. On average, Grady receives nearly 2,000 emergency room and trauma patients on a daily basis.
Gov. Brian Kemp declared a state of emergency on Friday to help free up resources as ER patients are diverted to other metro Atlanta and Georgia hospitals. On Friday, Grady began accepting stroke, burn and other trauma patients after its emergency room had been on a total diversion protocol.
Grady said in a media alert that it was making good progress on repairs after the 24-inch pipe burst on Dec. 7 flooding the sixth floor, causing damage on two other floors, and knocking out power to parts of the hospital. Grady was forced to transfer 150 patients to other hospitals.
The hospital said visitation restriction has been lifted and it was no longer transferring patients to other hospitals as a result of the flood.