The Atlanta-Region Transit Link Authority board on Dec. 13 approved a $27 billion transit expansion plan for metro Atlanta, the authority announced, the first step in seeking some federal and state funding.

The new authority is coordinating service and expansion of 10 transit systems in 13 metro Atlanta counties. One goal is to seek funding in a more coordinated way.

The “ATL Regional Transit Plan” approved by the authority’s board is essentially a list of all locally approved transit projects, with some cost-benefit analysis, evaluation and prioritization. No projects were added or removed by the authority.

The plan includes all of the projects submitted by DeKalb and Fulton counties following earlier public processes. Perhaps the biggest projects in those plans are a call for bus rapid transit on Ga. 400 and I-285.

MARTA’s major service expansion within the city of Atlanta is already proceeding under its own sales tax, but the authority’s plan includes some related projects, such as the Clifton Corridor rail line between Lindbergh Center and Emory University.