To combat the rising trend of car break-ins and theft, the Sandy Springs Police Department says it has begun deploying a “bait car” containing items equipped with GPS tracking devices. If someone steals an item containing the device, police can follow its location remotely.

By using the technology, officers can track suspects without engaging in high-speed pursuits that put officers and the public in danger, SSPD said in a press release.

The bait car was donated to the department by a major insurance company, according to the release. SSPD spokesperson Sgt. Sam Worsham would not identify the insurance company.

On Dec. 17, SSPD was notified of an apparent break-in of the bait car on River Vista Drive because one of the items taken from the vehicle had a GPS tracking device in it through the device being activated, the department said.

SSPD monitored the location of the GPS device and eventually it ended up at an Atlanta house where a SWAT team arrested one man. So far, that suspect has only been charged with obstruction. Some laptop and tablet computers were located in a vehicle at the house, police said.

A vehicle was seized with several laptop computers and tablets, police said. (Special)