Dolsot Bibimbap

Dish has been open on Buford Highway since 2017 serving a menu of traditional Korean food with a modern twist. With a big menu of rice and noodle dishes, there’s even a Korean take on a hamburger for those who are not as adventurous. There’s something for everyone at Dish and the prices are reasonable, too.

I visited on a Wednesday night, so the restaurant wasn’t busy like it often is on the weekends. My friend and I were seated promptly and our food appeared quickly and efficiently as well. Looking in through the wall of windows from the outside of the restaurant, the décor makes it seem formal, but it is actually casual and comfortable.

Sundubu Jjigae

Our server was very helpful in recommending dishes from the menu and I ordered one of the restaurant’s most well-known meals – Dolsot Bibimbap ($15). This rice-based dish can be ordered with beef, chicken on tofu. I had the beef. The rice is served in a hot pot topped with sautéed vegetables, a fried egg and seasoned with soy or hot chili paste. I like mine spicy, so I went with the chili paste. It’s a large amount of food and every bite was delicious.

Because I had skipped lunch and was very hungry, I also ordered a bowl of Sundubu Jjigae ($10.50), a stew that can be made with beef, pork, seafood or tofu. It’s very spicy, but hit the spot on a cold, rainy evening.

Bulgogi Burger and Fries

My friend was the less adventurous and decided to try Dish’s take on a hamburger. He ordered the Kimchi Bulgogi Burger ($9.50, extra $2 for fries). Served on a regular bun, this burger was made with tender Bulgogi beef, shredded cabbage, cheese and a house mayo. My friend said it was good but wished there had been a few more pieces of beef. One would not expect the best fries at a Korean restaurant, but these were some of the best I’ve ever tasted (I did steal a few from his plate). They were crispy, golden and I wish we’d ordered some as an appetizer. But don’t worry, because a traditional spread of small plates is brought to the table including broccoli, cabbage, kimchi and more ahead of the meal.

As I said earlier, if none of these items appeal to you, there is a big menu of noodles and rice in many combinations. If you are looking for good Korean food, Dish is definitely a place you should visit.

Dish is located at 5000 Buford Highway in Chamblee. For more information and to see the menu, visit

Jacob Nguyen

Jacob Nguyen is a freelance writer and photographer in Atlanta.