Brookhaven Mayor John Ernst and Councilmember Linley Jones are holding a Jan. 9 town hall to talk about what water features to add to Lynwood Park as part of the city’s $40 million parks bond, following controversy about some proposals. The town hall is set for 6 p.m. at the Lynwood Recreation Center, 3360 Osborne Road.

A draft of a new master plan for Lynwood Park includes a lap pool, a zero-entry pool and a splash pad. (City of Brookhaven)

When voters approved the parks bond in 2018, they voted to dedicate nearly $11 million to update and add amenities to Lynwood Park, including replacing its current swimming pool with a small splash pad, a new lap pool and a “lazy river,” a shallow pool that flows like a river.

The “lazy river” was a flashpoint of controversy in the days leading up to the parks bond vote. Some park activists who worked on the parks bond funding task force said the amenity was never included in the public parks master planning process.

The Lynwood Park master plan included as part of the $40 million parks bond referendum originally included building a lazy river and a lap pool. (City of Brookhaven)

Ernst, who lives in Lynwood Park, and Jones, whose district includes the neighborhood, both worked behind-the-scenes to get the lazy river added to the bond referendum. Ernst and Jones said community members supported the idea of the lazy river.

In May 2019, members of the volunteer parks bond oversight committee voted to recommend doing away with the lazy river and replacing it with a large splash pad. A major reason to do so was cost savings. Committee members also said at the time that the lazy river was controversial and eliminating it would probably not result in backlash from Lynwood Park residents.

In July, a new master plan for Lynwood Park was posted on the city’s website and shows a splash pad, a zero-entry pool and a lap pool.

The City Council must vote to approve recommended changes from the parks oversight committee to make changes to master plans that were approved as part of the parks bond vote.