The following crime information is provided via the Sandy Springs Week in Review Report for the week ending Dec. 20.

North District Crime

The unit reported seven residential burglaries and two commercial burglaries.

The nit reported 14 entering-autos. In four of the cases, the cars were left unlocked.

Three pedestrian robberies were reported with cash and electronics taken. No injuries were reported.

South District Crime

The unit reported 17 entering-autos. All but one occurred in commercial or apartment complex parking lots.

There were three burglaries and one robbery reported.

Street Crimes Unit

The unit reported three misdemeanor arrests and one city arrest. The unit conducted 20 traffic stops, issued 19 traffic citations, and located three wanted persons. The unit made three field contacts, investigated five suspicious persons, and conducted four vehicle searches.

The unit arrested a burglary suspect.

A vehicle used in felony thefts in Milton and Alpharetta was located in Sandy Springs. Two subjects were arrested, and a large amount of stolen property recovered.

Traffic Unit

The unit reported six misdemeanor arrests, conducted 149 traffic stops, and issued 201 citations. There were 48 cases assigned and 38 cases cleared this week.


The unit reported one misdemeanor arrest, conducted one traffic stop, and issued 11 citations.

The unit conducted four vehicle impounds, worked nine crash calls, and provided 19 patrol assists.

The unit changed one flat tire, worked six gas calls, and provided five jump-starts

K-9 Unit

The unit reported two felony arrests, one misdemeanor arrest, and one city arrest.

The unit conducted 32 traffic stops and issued 42 traffic citations.

The unit made four field contacts, investigated one suspicious person, and conducted three K-9 searches and seven K-9 tracks.

The unit seized 20 pounds of marijuana, 1.3 grams of heroin, one gun and six THC vapes.