A six-month moratorium of new development in Dunwoody Village has been amended to allow restaurants, health clubs and medical offices to apply for rezoning or building permits.

The moratorium approved by the City Council in December stopped the review and permitting of any new development in the Dunwoody Village overlay, a special zoning district encompassing the shopping centers near the intersection of Mount Vernon and Chamblee-Dunwoody roads.

On Jan. 13, the council voted to amend the moratorium to exempt certain kinds of businesses: eating and drinking establishments; health clubs; and medical offices or clinics.

After the meeting, Mayor Lynn Deutsch said the original moratorium was “too broad.”

“We needed to narrow it,” she said.

At the council’s first meeting of the year on Jan. 2, Glenn Dorris, owner of CrossFit Dunwoody, said during public comment he wanted to buy the Jiffy Lube building on Dunwoody Village Parkway to expand his business, but was unable to get needed permits due to the moratorium. He asked the council to amend the moratorium.

Deutsch said Dorris’s comments were not the reason the moratorium was amended, but that they “illuminated the moratorium was too broad.”

Community Development Director Richard McLeod said in a written statement the city has been in talks about potential development with the types of businesses now exempted since before the moratorium.

A year-long process to rewrite the Dunwoody Village zoning regulations is nearly finished, and some council members said in December the moratorium was needed to stop new projects until after the new zoning regulations are in place.

The city began in 2018 looking for ways to update the original 2011 Dunwoody Village Overlay master plan in response to resident demands to revive the area to create a vibrant, downtown, walkable district.

A proposal to create a special open-container entertainment district within the commercial area of Dunwoody Village is also being considered.