The following crime information is provided via the Sandy Springs Week in Review Report for the week ending Jan. 10.

North District Crime

The unit reported one burglary. A jewelry store was entered, but nothing of value was taken.  The unit reported five entering-autos.

South District Crime

The unit reported six entering-autos. There was also a theft of a license plate from a vehicle parked at a single-family residence. One burglary was reported at a storage unit in an apartment complex.

Street Crimes Unit

The unit reported four misdemeanor arrests, conducted 26 traffic stops, and issued 15 traffic citations. The unit located one wanted person, made two field contacts, and investigated two suspicious persons.

Traffic Unit

The unit reported nine misdemeanor arrests, conducted 97 traffic stops, and issued 138 citations. The unit spent 19 hours working traffic complaints, assigned 20 cases and cleared 11 cleared cases.

Traffic: 3

Hit and Run: 3

DUI: 3

Traffic Response Vehicles

The unit conducted eight traffic stops, issued 14 citations, conducted three vehicle impounds, and worked 12 crash calls. The unit provided 17 patrol assists, changed three flat tires, worked five gas calls, and conducted two jump-starts.

K-9 Unit

The unit reported one misdemeanor arrest, four city arrests, conducted 16 traffic stops, and issued 26 traffic citations. The unit made one field contact, investigated three suspicious persons, and conducted two K-9 tracks and three K-9 searches. The unit worked two drug complaints, conducted one knock-and-talk, and issued two search warrants.