Indian painter Abhishek Singh is working on a large painting in several public settings – including the student centers at Emory University and Georgia Tech, the Atlanta Beltline, and the Hindu Temple of Atlanta – as part of his residency at the Michael C. Carlos Museum.

The museum is presenting Singh’s paintings along with works by another contemporary Indian artist, Manjari Sharma, and 19th century Indian artist Raja Ravi Varma in an exhibition titled “Transcendent Deities of India: The Everyday Occurrence of the Divine.” The show runs through May 17.

Singh is known for his public paintings in India. He painted Shiva beside the Ganges in the Hindu holy city of Varanasi. He combines classical painting techniques with styles he perfected working as a comics artist. His new book “Namaha: Stories from the Land of Gods and Goddesses” is available only at the Carlos Museum Bookstore.

Singh will be giving an artist talk and signing books on Tuesday evening Jan. 21st at 7:30 p.m. at Emory University’s Ackerman Hall.

His current painting focuses on elephants and the elephant god Ganesha. In India elephants are believed to be rainmakers and “The Rainmaker” is the title of Singh’s work in progress. He offers it as a prayer for rain for those places on Earth being consumed by fires.

For more about Singh’s residency, visit this link.