Four police officers are being added to the recently annexed LaVista Park neighborhood after Brookhaven City Council voted on Jan. 28 to assign funds for the move.

The city’s police department conducted an analysis of the area and determined they need four more officers to be able to cover the 330 acres that encompass LaVista Park, which is south of the I-85 highway.

The salary of a police officer in Brookhaven ranges from $48,500 to $71,792, depending on experience, according to city spokesperson Burke Brennan.

“The nice thing is I did a projection of what the tax revenues are going to be and sure enough it covers what the salaries are going to be, so revenue-wise, it’s an easy decision for us to do,” said Steven Chapman, Brookhaven’s assistant manager and chief financial officer.

“We just outlined this in our budget amendments so now that we have new authorized positions our HR department has begun the process of hiring,” he said. “It isn’t creating any new categories; we’re just adding more police officers. We want to be able to serve our new residents.”

LaVista Park was annexed into Brookhaven on Dec. 10 and has roughly 2,000 inhabitants. On Jan. 14, the city created a special tax district for LaVista Park that charges those who live there the same millage they had been paying DeKalb County prior to annexation. The aim is to cover infrastructure costs.

–Kevin C. Madigan