The following crime information is provided via the Sandy Springs Week in Review Report for the week ending Feb. 21.

North District Crime

The unit reported one burglary where $35 in cash and food were taken from an apartment. The unit reported three entering-autos. All vehicles had been left unlocked

South District Crime

The unit reported one burglary where a bicycle was taken from an apartment storage unit. The unit reported one entering-auto. One robbery was reported with the victim suffering non-life threatening injuries.

Street Crimes Unit

The unit reported one felony arrest; two misdemeanor arrests; and one city ordinance arrest. The unit conducted 31 traffic stops; issued 20 traffic citations; and located two wanted persons.

Traffic Unit

The unit reported five misdemeanor arrests; conducted 84 traffic stops; and issued 102 citations. The unit worked 11 hours on traffic complaints and cleared 21 hit-and-run cases.

Traffic Response Vehicles

The unit conducted 10 traffic stops; issued 12 citations; conducted one vehicle impound; and investigated nine crashes. The unit provided 28 patrol assists; changed three flat tires; worked eight fuel calls; and conducted two jump-start assists.

K-9 Unit

The unit reported one felony arrest; one misdemeanor arrest; and three city ordinance arrests. The unit conducted 22 traffic stops; issued 25 traffic citations; conducted three K-9 searches; and spent two hours working traffic complaints.