A deal reached between Brookhaven and DeKalb County will allow the city to add another public park to its environs.

The intergovernmental agreement, presented at a regular council meeting Feb. 11, says the county will provide $400,000 towards the $1.35 million purchase of the proposed Corporal Robert C. Langford Memorial Park, with the city paying $950,000.

A Google Earth image shows the property at 1174 Pine Grove Ave. in Brookhaven Heights.

The purchase of the property, located in Brookhaven Heights, was initially approved at a Nov. 12 meeting. The lot consists of approximately 0.8 acres and includes a house built in 1930. The   park will be named in honor of a Brookhaven resident’s service during the Vietnam War.

“The city has negotiated a contract for the purchase of 1174 Pine Grove Avenue NE to be authorized and paid partially from park bond proceeds from DeKalb County, Georgia’s bonds issued in 2001 which have been earmarked for green space, park, recreational acquisition and development,” the agreement states.

A caveat in the agreement says the property must be developed and opened to all county residents as a park green space within two years; otherwise the city will be obligated to return the $400,000 purchase price to the county “before the end of the 25th month.”

City Manager Steve Chapman told the mayor and council that once the agreement is signed and funds are received, “we will move towards closing on the actual purchase of the property.” He later added that the structure will be removed and the property maintained as a green area until a master plan can be developed and subsequently funded.

Mayor John Ernst called the deal “excellent” and said, “I’m really looking forward to this.” Madeleine Simmons – District 3, said, “I think it’s going to be a great asset to the city.”

Kevin C. Madigan

Kevin C. Madigan is a freelance journalist based in metro Atlanta.