The candidates are set in many state, county and federal races – most of them competitive – as the qualifying period ended March 6.

The primary election is scheduled for May 19 and the general election on Nov. 3.

The following are the candidates in some key races in the Brookhaven area. “D” means “Democrat” and “R” means “Republican.”

U.S. House

District 6 (Brookhaven/Dunwoody/Sandy Springs)

Mykel Lynn Barthelemy (R)

Karen Handel (R)

Blake Harbin (R)

Lucy McBath (D) (incumbent)

Joe Profit (R)

Paulette Smith (R)

State Senate

District 40 (Brookhaven/Dunwoody/Sandy Springs)

Garry Guan (R)

Sally Harrell (D) (incumbent)

State House

District 80 (Brookhaven/Sandy Springs)

Alan Cole (R)

Matthew Wilson (D) (incumbent)

District 81 (Brookhaven)

Scott Holcomb (D) (incumbent)

DeKalb County Commission

Chief Executive Officer

Mike Thurmond (D)

District 1

Breeanna Bellinger (D)

Nancy Jester (R) (incumbent)

M.D. Naser (D)

Robert Patrick (D)

Ben Truman (D)

Cynthia Yaxon (D)

District 6

Maryam Ahmad (D)

Emily Halevy (D)

Edward “Ted” Terry (D)

DeKalb County Board of Education

District 1

Anna Hill

Andrew Ziffer