A second Atlanta Police Department officer has been diagnosed with the COVID-19 coronavirus disease, and a “small number” of others are awaiting tests or quarantined due to a family member’s symptoms, according to APD.

APD says its ability to enforce the law is not compromised. Officers will soon have protective masks, and arrestees heading to jail will be required to wear masks, said APD spokesperson Carlos Campos.

APD announced March 21 that an officer who works in police headquarters downtown had COVID-19. The newly diagnosed officer “works in the field,” according to APD, which did not immediately respond to a question about which precinct that is.

In announcing the latest COVID-19 cases, APD emphasized — as it previously told the Reporter — that calls for service are down during the pandemic and that officers are encouraged to issue a citation or copies of charges rather than make a physical arrest for non-violent crimes that are not a danger to the public.

John Ruch

John Ruch is an Atlanta-based journalist. Previously, he was Managing Editor of Reporter Newspapers.