Charles D. Rambo

Charles D. Rambo.

Occupation: Honorable Discharge, United States Air Force; Retired Lieutenant, Fulton County Sheriff’s Office; Chief Development Officer for Rambo Solutions, LLC, and Emergency Management Coordinator, Olivet Church in Fayetteville, Georgia.

Previous elected offices held: None

Other community service experience: Security consultant to houses of worship on active shooter prevention and mentoring youth on constitutional rights and social responsibility.

What is motivating you to run for this office?

I am motivated to run for sheriff because my passion and expertise in the agency’s functions will bring more active and involved leadership to the people of Fulton County. This is my finest hour to step up immediately following the primary election with a plan for Constitutional Policing, addressing circumstances brought on by COVID-19 affecting our criminal justice system.

What is the biggest issue facing the Sheriff’s Office and how will you address it?

The biggest issue facing the Sheriff’s Office is a workforce of frustrated but highly motivated employees who feel hindered in their ability to make a difference. This is evident by current barbaric and unconstitutional conditions in the county jail. My accountability centered management style will turn the facility back into a model operation in less than 60 days. Take, for example, in 2009, the current administration allowed me to introduce Compstat into the embattled county jail. In less than nine months, we achieved unprecedented compliance with the federal consent decree order.

Why should voters choose you instead of the incumbent?

First, I understand the constitutional office of sheriff is accountable to the electorate. Citizens will see the value of my leadership as it relates to meeting their public safety needs.

What strengths and weaknesses have the coronavirus pandemic crisis revealed in law enforcement and jail management in Fulton County?

Amid this COVID-19 crisis, it is difficult to identify strengths. The weaknesses it revealed about law enforcement management was a grossly understaffed agency to perform essential functions, such as the enforcement of domestic violence and mental health orders to keep the peace during sheltering in place. Such manpower shortages further inhibit the agency to comply with the governor’s executive order directed to sheriffs as constitutional officers to close non-compliant businesses. Furthermore, no authoritative presence or response from the county’s chief law enforcement officer served to address citizens’ concerns of the constitutionality of municipal ordinances.

John Ruch

John Ruch is an Atlanta-based journalist. Previously, he was Managing Editor of Reporter Newspapers.