Teachers from two Brookhaven elementary schools will hold a “car parade” through neighborhoods May 8 to say a socially distanced farewell to their students.

The teachers from the John R. Lewis and Woodward elementary schools, which serve southern Brookhaven and the Buford Highway area, will drive in their personal cars, according to DeKalb County School District spokesperson Carla Parker.

The district has been shuttered since March due to the pandemic and the school year is ending early. May 8 is the last day for seniors, while May 15 is the final day for all other students.

Similar car parades have been held elsewhere in the district and the nation.

A full schedule was not available. DeKalb Schools said the John R. Lewis teachers will start at noon and in that hour will visit the Carmel Creek, Gardens at Briarwood and Magnolia Gardens apartment complexes on Buford Highway. Families there are encouraged to wear school T-shirts and “practical social distancing,” according to a flyer circulated by DeKalb Schools.

Parker did not respond to repeated questions about any precautions to ensure social distancing in the audience. In April, the city of Brookhaven planned an Easter parade with a costumed character in a truck accompanied by police cars, but canceled it out of concerns that social distancing could not be maintained.

John Ruch

John Ruch is an Atlanta-based journalist. Previously, he was Managing Editor of Reporter Newspapers.