Gov. Brian Kemp at this afternoon’s press conference.

Live music venues, bars, and nightclubs must remain closed through May 31, but daycare centers and summer camps have been given a green light by Gov. Brian Kemp to open if they follow health and safety regulations to prevent the spread of COVID-19.
Kemp said during an afternoon press conference at the State Capitol that keeping performance venues, bars, and nightclubs closed  “a little bit longer will help enhance health outcomes.”
On the other hand, Kemp issued a new executive order that allows daycare centers to reopen and summer day camps to reopen May 14. Overnight summer camps are still banned for now.
While daycare centers were allowed to remain open during shelter-in-place, the governor’s order had reduced the number of children to 10 per classroom and many had closed for safety reasons. The governor’s new order allows for 20 children per classroom so long as staff-to-children ratios set by the Department of Early Care and Learning are maintained. State health officials approved the expansion, and Kemp said it would allow more facilities to reopen and give parents more options for childcare as they return to work.
Restaurants, which began reopening on April 27, will now be allowed to have 10 patrons per 300 square feet and party size per table increased from 6 to 10 people.
Kemp also said state agencies would begin to phase back into limited in-person operations starting May 18.
You can download and read the executive order at this link.

Kemp encouraged Georgians to follow social distancing guidelines and to wear face coverings when in public. He said the state is ramping up its contact tracing program and the Georgia Department of Public Health (DPH) planned to have 1,000 staff deployed around the state in the weeks ahead to do contact tracing interviews.
The governor also noted that Georgia had received a shipment of 30 cases of remdesivir, the drug originally created to treat hepatitis C, but is being tested as a treatment for COVID-19 patients and authorized for emergency use.
Kemp said he would continue to monitor COVID-19 statistics and take whatever steps necessary to prevent a second wave of cases. At 4:05 p.m., the DPH was reporting 34,737 confirmed cases and the death toll at 1,465. That’s 1,261 new cases and additional 160 deaths in the last 48 hours.
Kemp said he expected there would be an increase in the number of confirmed cases as testing is now more widely available and with contact tracing underway.
This article has been updated to clarify that daycare centers were allowed to remain open during the shelter-in-place order, although mnay had closed operations.