The cities of Atlanta and Sandy Springs together saw 76 new COVID-19 diagnoses between June 1 and June 3 update reports from the Fulton County Board of Health. The diagnoses increased or stayed roughly the same in all of the main ZIP codes in Buckhead and Sandy Springs.

As of June 3, the part of Atlanta within Fulton County had 2,172 COVID-19 diagnoses, up from 2,117 on June 1. Sandy Springs had 447 diagnoses, up from 426. Atlanta remains the number one city in the county for COVID-19 diagnoses at 46.5% of the total, and Sandy Springs remains in third place with 9.6% of the total.

A chart of COVID-19 diagnoses by city in Fulton County as shown in a June 3 Board of Health report.

In the previous 14 days before June 3, the part of Atlanta within Fulton had 250 new diagnoses, down from 258 as of June 3. Sandy Springs had 64 new diagnoses in that same 14-day period, up from 59 as of June 3.

To view the full report, see the county website here.

It is unclear whether the numbers reflect the coronavirus’s spread, the state of testing, or both.

The statistics, which are based on patients’ home addresses, are not completely accurate due to such factors as a large number of patients whose cities or ZIP codes are unknown. Of those diagnosed, their ZIP code was unknown in 246 cases and their home city was unknown in 450 cases. All numbers are preliminary and may be adjusted later, including through “data cleaning” — the reassignment of some cases to a different ZIP code or city after further analysis

The total number of confirmed COVID-19 diagnoses in the county as of June 3 was 4,673, up from 4,365 on June 1. Of those, 244 died, or about 5.2%; about 19% were hospitalized. Countywide, residents and staff of long-term care facilities account for 25% of diagnoses and 53% of deaths.

The number of total diagnosed cases in the main ZIP codes in Buckhead and Sandy Springs between the June 1 and June 3 reports, and the number of new cases with the past 14 days, were as follows:

Buckhead ZIP codes

30305: Total: 126 (up from 111); New in 14 days: 36 (up from 24)

30326: Total: 29 (up from 28); New in 14 days: fewer than 10 (no change)

Sandy Springs ZIP codes

30328: Total: 112 (up from 104); New in 14 days: 15 (up from 11)

30350: Total: 102 (up from 95); New in 14 days: 15 (up from 11)

Buckhead and Sandy Springs combined ZIP codes

30327: Total: 108 (down from 109 due to a data analysis correction); New in 14 days: 20 (down from 24)

30342: Total: 231 (up from 225); New in 14 days: 32 (down from 37)

John Ruch

John Ruch is an Atlanta-based journalist. Previously, he was Managing Editor of Reporter Newspapers.