Thank you for this excellent story. (“How race and racism shaped growth and cityhood in north metro Atlanta,” July 3.)

I was born in downtown Atlanta in Piedmont Hospital in 1954. I grew up in Decatur, Georgia. I graduated from Georgia Tech as an engineer and software developer.

I moved to Dunwoody in 1995 for traffic reasons because I worked for a Fortune 100 company starting in 1974  as a co-op student and then for two software companies, all in Perimeter Center, until about 2002.

Your story filled in a significant amount of understanding even for me. I understand now more why I don’t like or feel like I fit in in Dunwoody and why I want to move, and how and why Atlanta is the way it is.

Dunwoody is still extremely clique-ish and not diverse.

Thank you again.

Paul Lowry

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