The Spruill Center for the Arts courtyard in Dunwoody got a makeover.

Tess LaRie Ellis, a mixed-media artist who won a contest to repaint the courtyard at the Spruill Center’s Education Center located at 5339 Chamblee-Dunwoody Road, transformed the concrete courtyard and steps into a colorful, geometric acrylic mural.

The newly painted courtyard at the Spruill Center’s Education Center represents different art students uniting together at the center, artist Tess LaRie Ellis said. (Courtesy Alan Mothner)

Ellis, who is also a ceramics student at the nonprofit art school, said she’s never completed an art project of that size.

“It turned out so much better than I ever hoped it would,” said Ellis, who lives in Midtown and also does photography and other painting mediums in addition to her work in acrylic and ceramics.

Ellis said the artwork represents how the different perspectives of Spruill art students come together in a united collaboration.

Ellis’s design was chosen out of 14 entries by the Dunwoody Parks and Recreation Department, said Alan Mothner, the CEO of the Spruill Center for the Arts. The winner received a $100 Visa gift card.

“We wanted to redo the plaza to brighten up an underutilized part of the North DeKalb cultural Arts Center prior to opening back up for camps and classes on June 22,” Mothner said. “If you take a look at the before and after pictures, I think it speaks for itself as to why it needed a freshen up.”

The Spruill Center for the Arts hosted a contest with the city of Dunwoody to freshen up its courtyard at the Education Center at 5339 Chamblee-Dunwoody Road. (Courtesy Alan Mothner)

Ellis had a team of eight volunteers help bring her design to life. The timeline of the project was much faster than she expected, Ellis said. Entries were due April 17, and Mothner said the volunteers painted the mural in a day on June 12.

A team of volunteers help artist Tess LaRie make her design for the Spruill Center’s Education Center courtyard come to life. (Courtesy Alan Mothner)