Mayor Keisha Lance Bottoms said Atlanta’s mask mandate would stand despite Gov. Brian Kemp’s executive order voiding local face covering requirements.
“My belief is that the city still has appropriate standing to mandate masks,” Bottoms said during a streamed press conference on July 16 to give an update on the city’s COVID-19 response.
Bottoms said she found it “quite interesting” that Kemp decided to void city and county mask mandates after Atlanta implemented one, since other cities have had them in place for weeks.
The mayor also linked Kemp’s decision to President Donald Trump’s visit to the UPS hub at the airport on July 15 to announce new transportation infrastructure projects. The city’s mask requirement also includes Hartsfield-Jackson International Airport and Trump was criticized for not wearing a mask during his visit. Bottoms told CNN last night that Trump broke city law.
“I am not concerned about the state suing the city,” Bottoms said. “As [poet] Audre Lorde said, ‘I am deliberate and afraid of nothing.’ I’ll put the city’s policies up against any of the state’s. I believe the mask policy is defensible and it stands.”
Bottoms said the city was following data from scientists and healthcare professionals to decide what was best for Atlanta and its residents and businesses. “Wearing a mask is a simple, easy thing to do. We will continue to push and ask people to wear one despite the disagreement.”
Bottoms also thanked New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo for donating 7,500 coronavirus test kits, 30,000 pieces of Personal Protective Equipment, and 1,250 gallons of hand sanitizer to Atlanta.

8 replies on “Mayor Bottoms says city mask mandate stands despite governor’s order; not afraid of possible state lawsuit”

  1. I applaud your courage to do what you know is right for the people of your community despite the destructive path the Republicans are taking. Can you say White privilege?

  2. At what point are we forgetting about the little girl who died due to specific orders by the mayor.
    Moreover, she needs a civics lesson. You can’t mandate people wear masks in public.. It isn’t in the powers of a mayor. Any action against anyone would be illegal.
    No one is saying people shouldn’t wear masks, nor if people don’t want to wear masks they aren’t jerks. What they are saying is : the government isn’t responsible for peoples heath. It is responsible for peoples rights. Finally that mayors can’t just ‘make up’ unconstitutional laws then spin it in a disingenuous way to steer attention away from the Wendy’s tragedy.

  3. I am greatful to have you as the Mayor of Atlanta. Covid-19 and the Cousin’s are real. So many are taking it lightly. So many people have died due to this Virus or deadly disease. Even though people have recovered and are doing well. We must remember there is no cure or vaccine. We must remember that they are treating the signs and symptoms. They must remember even with 2 negatives, you may not build up an antibodies need to protect you from reoccurring signs and symptoms. So we must treat it like a Cancer. It may have went into remission. Anyone that has had it can still spread it or be reinforced. The reason’s are simple what Vaccine was given to anyone to cure them of Covid-19 and its Cousin’s. Only those that participate in these studies may have a great success with conquering Covid-19. Awareness is very important. I feel we need to shut down again State by state,County by County,City by City, District by District all at once for 14 days. Get every one tested. Start contact tracing.
    School should not start until States are in the 5%. We are setting our Children up. This is unfair to them. The Bible states we are responsible for them. No one knows who has what. Who will be on bathroom duty to make sure they are given hand sanitizer as they walk out that bathroom. The janitorial staff will become overwhelmed. Then what??? Things will be left undone or half done. Why jeopardize these babies for the economy. Sending them back to be baby sat. Provide the families with what they need to teach the kids at home at least until the 1st of the year. In Hope’s that the Scientists come up with a vaccine or a cure for this disease or virus call it what you want.

  4. Hey, when the Mayor is smarter than a 3rd grader, ya we stand by the Mayor. Mask-wearing, hand-washing and social distancing are simple ways to look out for others and keep people safe. Those things are so simple, why wouldn’t anyone want to do those? If not for themselves, at least for their loved ones?? It’s too late to say, “woops I missed, sorry you had to die early grandma, guess I should’ve worn a mask or got too close to you”.

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