The newest members of the Dunwoody Police Department walk on four legs and don’t have names — yet.

DPD is welcoming two dogs onto the force as its first K-9 program with support from the Dunwoody Police Foundation, according to a press release.

“The addition of two K-9s to the Dunwoody Police Department will be an asset to our operations and enhance our capabilities,” Police Chief Billy Grogan said in a press release.

Dunwoody Police Department K-9 unit. (Special)

The two dogs and their handlers will undergo training over the next several months for drug searches, article searches, tracking and obedience and is set to be finished by next year. The dogs will be used for drug and missing persons or suspect searches.

DPD is asking the community to help name the dogs, one of which is a Belgian Malinois and the other a Dutch shepherd. City staff and police foundation members came up with a list of 10 names, and DPD is asking people to choose two in this survey.

The Rotary Club of Dunwoody and other residents and businesses donated to the foundation to make the K-9 unit possible, according to the press release.

“Through this donation we seek to support continued excellence in public safety as a defining characteristic of Dunwoody,” Rotary Club President Ardy Bastien said in the press release.