Fulton County Schools will remain closed a second day on Friday, Oct. 30 due to uncertainty over power and internet access in the wake of Tropical Storm Zeta.

Teachers will work remotely on Oct. 30 and students will have a non-instruction day, the Fulton County School System said on social media. Students can still access online tools to do self-guided work, homework or addressing incompletes if they choose.

More than 40 campuses lacked power and internet, with no certainty on when utilities will be restored. The school district plans to use the day for staff to address issues related to storm recovery.

Teachers can work from home and plan next week’s instruction.  Schools and administrative offices will be open remotely.  Administrative staff who can work virtually will do so. Essential staff will work onsite to prepare schools for reopening on Monday, Nov. 2. 

Whether sports or other extracurricular activities are held will be announced by local school officials.

In-person classes were preemptively canceled by the district for Oct. 29, the day that Zeta hit the area.

Bob Pepalis

Bob Pepalis covers Sandy Springs for Reporter Newspapers.