Within the vicinity of the planned Dresden Village, there is strong residential neighborhood opposition to the infrastructure development which the developer cited as its “rationale” for the tax abatement: the implementation of a connection between Green Meadows and Ellijay Streets. This connection would result in the elimination of a traffic light at Dresden and Caldwell.

We coordinated community activities in Ashford Park and Brookhaven Fields. We presented our findings and requests to Councilman John Park and Councilwoman Madeleine Simmons on Oct. 5.

Eighty-nine percent of the 119 residents who expressed an opinion oppose the connection between Green Meadows and Ellijay, on grounds of increased residential neighborhood traffic and pedestrian safety concerns. The same percentage, 89%, oppose the tax abatement.

The city of Brookhaven is pushing, against justified DeKalb County and school board opposition, a tax abatement predicated on the delivery of an infrastructure change that the adjacent communities do not even want.

Amanda Beck Gano, Ashford Park

Aimee Haber, Brookhaven Fields

Ricardo Kamenetzky, Brookhaven Fields

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